Windenergie kinderleicht


At this website I provide information about my children's book "Wind Energy for kids" / "Windenergie kinderleicht".

about the book

Wind farms are pretty much everywhere these days. They are an important part of the energy revolution. This book aims to convey a basic knowledge and interesting facts about wind energy for young children starting from 4, and also first-time readers.

The basic aspects of the technology of wind power are introduced through easy to understand concepts from the child’s point of view. The subject is expanded through comparisons between modern wind turbines and everyday things.

about me

Thomas Simons was born in 1980 and is a Natural scientist.

He works in research funding for wind energy and is an engaged father of two curious girls.

He lives in Langerwehe. A small town between Aachen and Cologne, not far from the borders to Belgium and the Netherlands.

To get in touch with me write an E-Mail:

about the editions

Thomas book was originally written and published in German ("Windenergie kinderleicht").

Step by step he worked out new editions for different countries. Every edition is not just a translation of the content, each is carefully adapted for the regarding country.

Up to now there are four editions available: German (Germany), English (UK), Polish (Poland) & Dutch (Belgium, Netherlands).
But more editions are in progress!

Where to buy?

You can buy my books at all book stores (local or online) using the ISBN. Or try one of these links:


Besides the simple books, I also offer special variants.

Gladly I can hand sign or dedicate copies.

In cooperation with Spica Publishing, there is also the possibility of creating special editions with individual advertising imprint / corporate branding.

There are staggered quantity discounts starting at just 100 copies! Discount goes up to 50 %!

Corporate special editions could be printed in all available language editions. Even additional / new languages are possible!
Please contact me, we will discuss the details for your individual edition.